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since 2001​

From a very young age, I remember being attracted to the kitchen. The fascination began with simple box cakes and cookies. There were a few attempts at desserts from scratch. By middle school, my dad had enacted a rule that every Sunday morning, breakfast had to be prepared. From middle school til we left for college, we were cooking breakfast every other weekend. I was never one to follow recipes word for word, I always felt they simply supplied a general blueprint to where you wanted to end up. That philosophy got me in trouble with my mom when I ventured into cooking proteins. After a couple of less than desirable results, mom informed me that I would have to provide my own food if I wanted to cook... Now, cooking was something that I enjoyed, just wasn't something I saw paying the bills.

While down in Statesboro, GA for school, I did the usual tours of duty thru the fast food circuit, working both back and front of the house positions. It was in 1997 when I began to see cooking from a different point of view. I was working at Huddle House on Main St. I found the process of taking raw items and changing them into something that people would find joy in amazing! This was my first time being able to witness the customers' reaction to my work. Based on their reactions and responses, I figured that perhaps I could make a living doing this!

Remembering the words of my mother, I knew that if I was to be taken serious, I needed some type of official paperwork. In the Fall of 2001, I enrolled into the Arts Institute of Atlanta studying Culinary Arts. I obtained my Associates' Degree in 2003 and returned to be one of the two members of the first graduating class of the Bachelors' of Science for Culinary - Global Management in 2005.

Along this journey, I have done family, fine, sports, personal, and institutional dining. Cooking has provided me with access and a lifestyle that I could have only have dreamed about. The idea that my job can bring joy to myself and my clients is truly a blessing. Please allow me to share my craft with you.

Chef Jeremy Reese
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